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in Fayetteville, AR

Wolfpack Hearing Clinic provides the products and services that fit your needs. We understand that every patient is an individual. Hearing is very subjective, so what works great for one patient, may not work well for another. 

This is why Wolfpack works with all of the hearing aid manufacturers. We identify the best treatment option for you based on: your lifestyle, listening priorities, hearing evaluation results, comfort, personal preferences, and budget. There are many different hearing aids out there and our audiologist is more than able to weigh each factor and come to the right recommendation. 

To protect your investment, Wolfpack Hearing Clinic honors a 75-day hearing aid trial, allowing you to refund your purchase in full if you are dissatisfied in any way. There are no associated fees. After deciding on the right hearing aids for you, we get them ready for you to wear. 

As you might imagine, hearing a lot of new sounds can be overwhelming at the beginning and many new hearing aid users complain that everything is "too noisy". We will never tell you to, "get used to it". Your hearing aids will be programmed in a way that allows you to hear the sounds you want to hear comfortably and naturally. Over time, the brain becomes more acclimated to the new sounds and we can begin to increase the volume. This process is unique to every patient, but our follow-up process allows us to fine-tune your hearing aids just the way you want them to sound. Our follow-up process is efficient and effective. 

There are several factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing a hearing instrument. It is crucial that you are fit with the right product that is fine-tuned based on your individual needs. We are happy to discuss all of the options with you, and help you decide on the right treatment.

Trusted Hearing Aid Brands:

ReSound, Widex, Oticon, Phonak, Hansaton, Siemens (Sivantos, Signia), Unitron, Rexton, Audina, SeboTek, Sonic Innovations, Bernafon, Starkey, Micro-Tech, & Westone.

Hearing Aid Adjustments 

After a thorough diagnostic evaluation and assessment of your listening needs, we use the most advanced equipment, including real ear verification, to program your hearing aids. Most modern hearing aids employ computerized digital processing, however we are more than equipped to work with analog devices.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Our staff of audiology assistants are ready to perform basic repairs on all makes and models of hearing aids in a state-of-the-art, full-service lab. Most repairs can be completed while you wait. For extensive repairs, we’ll have the work performed by your hearing aid manufacturer and lend you an appropriate hearing aid to use until yours returns.

Hearing Aid Cleanings & Maintenance

The majority of poorly functioning hearing aids simply need a thorough cleaning. Not only are you taught very basic self-maintenance tips, we put each patient on an individualized cleaning and service plan to keep your hearing aids working to their potential. While today’s hearing aids are extremely durable, routine maintenance remains crucial to get the most out of them. This service is done on a walk-in basis and always complimentary.

Hearing Aid Supplier in Fayetteville, AR
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