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Premiere hearing clinic in Fayetteville, AR 

Wolfpack Hearing Clinic was born from the basic principle that the good of the patient stands above all else. We provide audiology and hearing aids to Fayetteville AR and Northwest Arkansas. Our drive from the very beginning was to create something great. To accomplish this, we put our focus on the fact that better hearing goes far beyond a hearing device. Every patient receives a long-term care plan tailored for their hearing goal, which we identify by listening. Our patients recommend us to their friends and family, and we are grateful for it. From our standpoint, we simply care about our work and the patients we serve. We believe you deserve to hear and to have your voice heard.
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"Wolfpack Hearing is a fantastic place to go for all of your hearing issues. Dr. Richards is great at his job and an even better person. Go to Wolfpack Hearing, you won't regret it."

Brett Baker

"I went to the clinic with a unique type of hearing loss. I had been told by other doctors and hearing aid people to try one certain approach. Dr. Richards said he disagreed and wanted to try a different approach. I got just the hearing aids I needed."

Randy Anglen

"Dr. Richards is an amazing audiologist. His patience and kind heart for his patients is amazing. Anyone looking for an audiologist in the Northwest Arkansas area needs to visit him."

Sharon Briggler

Ear doctor in Fayetteville, AR

Quality Hearing Technology

We stay up to date on the newest and most effective digital hearing aid technology, assistive listening devices (ALD), and custom hearing protection. We fit and program all brands, styles, and sizes of hearing aids. We match your hearing test results, lifestyle, budget, and most importantly, your specific hearing goals with the right hearing device.

Honesty & Transparency

Our patients know exactly what they are getting for their investment. We will never fit proprietary brand hearing aids with unethical pricing. We are not bound to a single brand. Your hearing doctor will be competent and trustworthy. We promise quality care with fair treatment costs, payment plans and coverage that meet your budget.

Cost-Effective & Guaranteed

We truly want you to succeed. To guarantee that happens, your treatment plan will include a 75-Day Trial with full refund & no extra fees. Our patients do very well with their hearing aids. We have no desire to charge patients who are not satisfied. From the hearing test to the annual check-up, our focus is to prevent and treat hearing loss.

Lifetime Service Included

This is where the vision of Wolfpack comes to life. Fitting a hearing aid or custom ear mold is only the beginning of the process. We will develop a thorough and stringent follow-up plan for each individual to ensure long-term patient satisfaction. You will get to know us well through years of ongoing, complimentary service included with your investment.

Our Trusted Hearing Aid Brands:

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