Additional Hearing Devices & Products

at Wolfpack Hearing Clinic in Fayetteville, AR

Assisted Listening Devices (ALD)

Assistive Listening Devices serve a wide array of functions to help patients hear better in difficult listening environments. These devices are most often meant to be used in conjunction with hearing devices. Assisted Listening Devices that utilize Bluetooth can be paired with wireless, digital hearing aids. As a result, the hearing aids can communicate directly with media devices such as cell phones, TV, computers, mp3 players, and more. Furthermore, you can pair your hearing aids to a microphone strategically placed near people you want to listen to, such as a presenter at a business meeting, teacher at school, and the preacher at church. This means you can hear the sound you want to hear without all of the competing background noise. When used with hearing aids, assistive listening technology can increase your hearing potential with hearing aids, creating a powerful combination. The products below are a sampling of the technologies available for purchase. For individuals who prefer not to wear hearing aids, there are plenty of options for the TV, phone, etc.

Ear Molds & Hearing Protection

The world is noisier than ever and those afflicted with noise-induced hearing loss are younger than ever. Wolfpack Hearing Clinic offers several solutions to protect your ears, whether you need them for mowing the lawn, rock concerts, hunting or shooting, loudly snoring spouse, or to use as headphones for your mp3 player. Custom ear molds are a great option for those who use very powerful hearing aids for severe-profound hearing loss to ensure that sound is funneled directly to the eardrum, thus preventing significantly decreased volume and feedback. Custom ear molds can also be used with patients who have outer ear anomalies or very narrow ear canals to ensure proper retention of your hearing aids. We can make high quality ear molds for just about any purpose, with any appearance, and in any style.

Self-Care & Maintenance

Due to the level of follow-up service we provide, the majority of our patients have little to worry about other than wearing and removing their hearing aids. However, there are individuals who require additional service at home. Examples include those who produce a lot of ear wax, individuals who perspire more than typical, or those prone to itchiness or irritation while wearing hearing aids. Wolfpack offers an array of products aimed to address the special needs of our patients, whether it is daily ointment, portable hearing aid dryers, or wax filtration systems. Ask one of our staff about these products.

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